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A jack of all trades and master of one. Or at least trying to master one. Which one? Writing. What are the other trades, you ask? Design, animation, video production, photography, voice acting (on occasion), modular advertising, jumping off of high surfaces into bodies of water, harmlessly sneaking into places I'm not supposed to be, beard growing, goal keeping, prolonged eye contact, and just about anything else I might get into on a Tuesday.

A bit more on this jack of all trades business--of the seven organized campaigns on this site, I art directed for four of them. Every video you see on this site? Filmed, edited, and produced it (and likely acted in or voiced it). I love the visual aspect of making ads come to life... but words were my first love and I'm not trying to get a divorce. Got it? Good.

Alright speed round get to know me. I've lived in Austin for 13 years, and I lived in Boston before that. Insert some joke about a yankee hipster cowboy or something. Since working for Cabo Bob's I have consumed an average of 4.5 burritos a week and I'm not even close to getting sick of them. I'm finishing up a thesis on modular and AI assisted creative and you should talk to me about it if that's your thing. I never played hockey, but I freaking love to watch it. I have two older sisters who I look up to in almost every way. Most of my friends call me Larson, and the rest call me Andrew with very few exceptions. And if this says anything about me, I built this website in one night because I thought my old website was boring. If you want to know more you'll have to pay for it. Boring work experience and such below. Peace.

Abbreviated Resume (just the bare bones relevant stuff)


University of Texas at Austin - Graduation May 2022
B.S. Advertising - Texas Creative
B.A. Plan II Honors (liberal arts program)
Business Foundations Minor
GPA: 3.7

Work Experience

Cabo Bob's Burritos - Head of Design and Marketing - May 2020 - May 2022

Deutser - Writer and Animator - September 2021 - March 2022
Lerma/ - Writer - June 2022 - Present


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