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Brand: A local Austin addiction rehabilitation center made specifically for young men.

Big Idea: Speak directly to men struggling with addiction by using a message of urgency and agency

This campaign won gold at the local and silver at the regional Addys. It is on to nationals and is currently being used by Alpha 180.

Tagline: Take it* back.

Case Study

Wild Postings

Wildposting 2.png
Wildposting 1.png
Wildposting 3.png
Wildposting 4.png

Contact Card Poster

Contact Card Poster.png
Contact Cards.png

Bus and Bathroom

New Bus 2.png
Bathroom 2.png
New Bus 1.png
Bathroom 1.png

CD: Jared Greer

AD/CW/Producer: Me

Plus about 35 other students involved in this campaign.

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